Focus on Yourself

Can we be comfortable, elegant and sexy at once?

Yes we do! And the secret is Differentology!

We want to help every woman feel confident with her body and style and we want to make every woman's life easy so they can put all their focus on the important things of their daily life.

Live it up!
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1 of 8
  • Dresses

    Let's just be a little bit extra. I mean, why look simple when we can look gorgeous? You will really love our dresses collection! The perfect set is waiting for you at JL Manor! They are so soft and comfy you won't be able to go without them!

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  • Cover Ups

    Our beachwear pieces are just to die for! Trust us, they just match with anything!

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  • Sets

    Our sets are perfect for simple, on-the-go and elegant styles! Classy and fun, you choose to look casual or formal while at home, running errands, traveling or else. Easy peasy!

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